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Enter Account Details

Let us know where you are in the Chicago Suburbs, how often you want your yard cleaned, and just a few other simple details.


Select a day for Service

When is it best for us to come and make your yard clean.


payment information

Simply sign up and we'll contact you to get your payment info. We will clean your yard from there.

To make it easier on you, we bill automatically the day of each service.

Real-time Notification Alerts

When we are on our way

We will send you an email the day before service and when we are on our way to your Chicagoland home. You’ll know who will be cleaning your yard and that they aren’t far way.

When we are finished

After we clean your yard, we'll let you know. We will send you an email telling you there’s a clean yard for you to enjoy.

Remove Your Dog Waste

Keeping it Clean

Every job starts with a sanitized rake and a fresh bag over our scoop. This protects the people and dogs in your family by keeping any possible diseases out of your yard.

Grid Pattern

We walk your yard like a giant checkerboard. This assures that we have two chances to get every deposit your dog left. You get a totally clean yard every time.

We Haul it Away

We take the dog waste with us! Your dog’s business is just a memory. And your home in the Chicago suburbs nice and clean.

Attention To Detail

Detailed Step by Step Process

Every technician completes a detailed step by step process for every cleaning. Our systems don’t allow a job to be completed until every step is checked off. We assure you that you will have a great experience every time.

Clean Tools

Every job is started with freshly sanitized tools. This assures that no waste from other yards are allowed into your yard. We want to make sure everyone in your family stays healthy.

Keeping Your Home Secure

Your safety is very important to us! All our technicians are background checked. We make sure that everything in your yard is as it should be. If you have a gate we make sure it’s secure. If we see something that’s doesn’t seem right we’ll let you know.

Our Benefits

Our Satisfaction Guarantee

If you have any problems or issues contact our customer service team to have a technician return to resolve the issue. If we hear from you while the technician is still on route we will send him same day, otherwise the technician will return the following day.

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We know your pets and family are important to you and we are big on trust to guarantee you can enjoy your lawn worry-free! Get started with our automatic, hands-off service today.

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