How do you keep my home safe?

We are dedicated to your safety. Most of the time you will see one of our owners, Bob, making your yard clean. Other times you will have one of our fully vetted technicians. We do extensive background checks, and spend time with everyone in your yard. You will know who is coming before they get there too. Every clean up starts with an email from the technician who will be cleaning up.

Do you Scoop All year?

Your dog does it’s business all year and so do we.

How much does the service cost?

Our pricing is simple. We offer three plans for a clean yard.
Twice a week is $9 per visit.
Once a week is $10.95 per visit.
Every other week is $16 per visit.
That’s it! No hidden charges.

How often will you clean my yard?

You have three options for a clean yard. Our technician will visit your home twice a week, once a week, or every other week. It’s your choice.

Can you work with our dogs in the yard?

We would love to meet your furry friends! If your dogs are friendly with people entering their yard, we are happy to clean your yard with your dog outside. We are always extra careful to close gates to keep your pet safe.  Since safety is our priority, if your dog is (or believes he/she is) a guard dog or may scared by us entering your yard, please keep your dog(s) inside.  It is safer for your dog and the technician.  We will always send you a reminder email when we are coming so you can have your pets in your home.

Is your service guaranteed?

Yes! We want you to be happy every time we clean your yard. If there is something wrong please contact us. We may be able to fix it that day. If we can’t then we will come the next day to correct the problem.

What happens when I get my yard cleaned?

We will email you the day before your service to let you know we will be out the next day. Just before we arrive you will get an email from our technician letting you know who will be cleaning, and they will be there soon. Our little orange van will arrive at your house shortly after. Our highly trained technicians will enter your yard and walk a grid pattern to make sure that nothing is missed. If you have a gate we make sure that it’s secure after we enter the yard and after we leave. When we are done we take the waste with us and leave you a door hanger letting your know we were there. You will then receive an email letting you know your yard is clean.

Do you take my dogs business with you?

Yes! We take cleaning up after your dog out of your life. No stinky reminders of your dog are left in your trash can.

What happens if I move or no longer need service?

Give us a call and we’ll stop your service. You will only be billed for the times we cleaned your yard. It will be sad to see you go, but we feel that we will meet again soon.

Why do you use all Sustainable Materials?

There is only one planet for us to live on. We believe that preserving that planet is important. Yes, it costs us more to use compostable bags, and biodegradable cleaning solutions, but it’s worth it. It’s our way to do our little part to creating a sustainable world for generations to come.

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